Who is on the NRA?

How the Northwood Residents Association formed 


Northwood Residents Association (NRA) was set up in 1996 to provide Northwood Residents support and a voice on issues arising from this community. NRA has been registered as an incorporated society since March 2006. Prior to this, the association was an informal group.


NRA is made up of at least seven members that are residents with Northwood. The Association meets monthly and communicates weekly on issues that arise relating to the Northwood area.

The objectives of Northwood Residents Association are:

  • To promote and protect the interests of the residents and ratepayers of the Northwood area
  • To liaise with organisations, businesses and individuals on matters pertinent to this objective
  • To promote community spirit and wellbeing through organising activities and events throughout the year.

Northwood Residents Association Membership 


NRA welcomes new members from within the Northwood Community. To be eligible to join, you must reside or own property in the Northwood Area. 


Membership is by annual subscription and the annual subscription amount is set at the AGM every year. Subscriptions are per household, per year. 


The current Membership amount is $10 per year.


To become a member or to inquire about membership please make contact with us.

Street Co-ordinators 


The Northwood Street Co-ordinators help to keep communication flowing between residents and the association. This is to ensure that Northwood Residents feel safe, informed and represented by their association. Most streets within the NRA will have an allocated Street Co-ordinator that is a point of contact for both NRA and residents.


The roles of the Street Co-ordinator are:

  • Distribute the Northwood News to their area
  • Communicate to both residents and association 
  • Encourage and promote community participation in community events
  • Encourage NRA membership
  • Help where possible to support NRA 
  • Information Sharing 
  • Ensure residents stay informed with what is happening within Northwood


Street Co-ordinators are volunteer positions for those who have a passion for where they live but Street Co-ordinators are not roles that need to be voted in through the AGM.


If you would like to know more about the Street Co-ordinators please make contact with NRA through the Contact page 

Helpful Information



To stay informed about the Northwood Residents Association, like us on Facebook or Contact Us.

Annual General Meeting (AGM) 


NRA holds their Annual General Meeting once a year. The AGM is a time for local residents to hear what the association has been achieving within the year and what the goals are for the year ahead. In addition, the new committee is elected and the annual subscription for NRA membership is set.


The AGM is also an opportunity for residents to have input into NRA work programme for the year ahead with time for some discussion over issues arising. NRA encourage any residents of Northwood to attend the AGM to stay informed and connected with what is happening within their neighbourhood.


Click here to download the minutes for the AGM on 13 April 2016.

Northwood Residents Association Projects 


NRA have a number of projects that have been adopted through the years. The Northwood Fair, Community Picnic and the Styx Mill Conservation Reserve Predator Fence are projects that have been adopted some time ago and continue as projects that NRA either run or support on an ongoing basis.  NRA are also driving The Northwood Working Bees that emerged from a community need to make Northwood more appealing. The working bees started in 2015 and are run three monthly. 


In 2015 NRA contributed back to the local community through funding two new community seats that were placed at Northwood Park. If community members have ideas about investing back into the Northwood Community, please make contact with NRA.

Northwood Residents Association

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